Alabama FELA Lawyers

Rail careers are an important part of Alabama’s economy. Many rail companies operate in the state. Rail careers can be dangerous as one accident can cause life-threatening and debilitating injuries.

Types of Rail Occupations

There are several types of rail occupations including conductors, engineers and baggage handlers. Engineers are responsible for the train itself. Conversely the conductor is responsible for the managerial running of the train including its cargo or passengers. They also help ensure that the train runs on schedule, relay messages from the crew, conduct safety checks on the train and report any broken parts, and be aware of weather or other hazardous conditions that could impede the train.

Due to the repetitive nature of both positions, engineer and conductor, people who work in these positions may be at risk of sustaining injuries caused by repetitive stress. Since the conductor has to run the safety checks on the train before departure, he/she may be put in a risky position, one that increases the risk of suffering a debilitating injury.

Baggage and cargo handlers help the passengers with their luggage and put cargo on the train. Due to all the heavy lifting the position requires, handlers are more susceptible to back and limb related injuries. Such injuries ca be debilitating and can keep the employee from working for long periods of time.

How a FELA Lawyer Can Help

FELA can be a saving grace for railroad workers who are injured while working for an Alabama railroad company or across the U.S. FELA covers injured railroad workers, allowing them to seek compensation for both single-event injuries and cumulative injuries that have occurred overtime as a result of repetitive movements.

Our qualified FELA attorneys can help you or a loved one seek and recover compensation for injuries and losses related to a railroad accident or injury. To schedule a consultation with a FELA attorney who understands the laws in Alabama, contact our law offices today.