California FELA Lawyers

When trains were at their peak, there were many rail occupations. However, as the train system modernized, fewer people are needed. The most common rail careers now include engineers, conductors, baggage/cargo handlers and dining stewards.

California Railroad Occupations

Conductors run the show, essentially. They help direct the engineer, ensure the train maintains its schedule, account for passengers and their cargo, act as central communications for the crew, conduct safety checks to ensure that the train is safe to run, and report any problems with the train. They must also be aware of all that is around the train to ensure that there is nothing to impede the journey.

Baggage/cargo handlers load up the trains with cargo or luggage and ensure that it makes it to its destination. For cargo, they ensure that everything is accounted for, both when it is loaded and when it is unloaded at its destination. Dining stewards plan, cook and serve meals on trains where there is a dining car, typically long-distance passenger trains.

Each of these careers come with a host of possible injuries and dangers. Common injuries may include strains, sprains, lacerations and broken bones due to repetition, accidents or collisions with other trains or cars. Those whose jobs involve heavy lifting often deal with back injuries and injuries to the limbs.

How a FELA Lawyer Can Help

A FELA lawyer is well versed in the intricacies of the legislation designed to help a railroad employee injured on the job get compensation for his/her injury, medical costs and lost wages during recovery.

While many employees who are injured are covered under their employer's worker's compensation insurance, others fall through the cracks, unable to file a claim under Workers compensation for several reasons. FELA allows an injured employee to recoup his/her losses through the legal system.

If you or a loved one has been injured while working for a California railroad company, it is important to consult with an experienced FELA lawyer who is familiar with the laws specific to the state of California. Find a qualified FELA attorney in California today and schedule a free consultation.