FELA Claims

FELA claims (Federal Employers Liability Act claims) are made by railroad workers who have been injured on the job, or by the family members of workers who were killed on the job. Railroad employees are often engaged in dangerous work, but it is the employer's legal duty to provide safe working conditions. When this duty is not met, a FELA claim may be an appropriate action for the injured parties to take.

Railroad FELA Claims

Even if the injured person did not work directly for the railroad involved in the injury, he or she may be able to use FELA to obtain a legal remedy. For example, many companies work as contractors and subcontractors doing work on railroad property or nearby. When an employee of a contractor is hurt while working on railroad property, a FELA claim may be the proper legal action to take.

FELA Claim Funding

When railroad workers are injured, they may turn to personal injury lawyers, or, better yet, FELA plaintiffs' lawyers for legal counsel and representation. The litigation that may ensue is to bring about a FELA award that will provide financial compensation for the injured's losses. FELA claim funding may be obtained from a variety of sources to cover the expenses of the injured worker until the FELA award is obtained.

FELA Claims and CGL Coverage

CGL (commercial general liability) insurance coverage is another possible source of compensation for the injured. Contractors invariably have CGL coverage. An experienced and knowledgeable FELA attorney investigates each unique FELA case for options regarding both FELA coverage from a railroad and CGL.

Settling a FELA Claim

In many cases, a FELA claim can be settled by negotiation between the injured person’s lawyers and the lawyers for the railroad, contractor, and other possible defendants. Settling a FELA claim rather than taking it all the way through the court process can save significant money and time.

FELA Claims Average Settlement Amounts

The average settlement amount for FELA claims is not easy to state, but a recent study pointed out that the amounts obtained in FELA cases in which an attorney represented the injured were several times higher than the settlement amounts obtained in cases in which no attorney for the injured was involved.

How Can a FELA Attorney Help with Your Claim?

A FELA attorney or law firm has the resources — for investigation, negotiation and litigation — that can make a fundamental difference in a FELA claim. The railroad and other employers are certainly going to have their own law firms who will strive to prevent or minimize compensation for the injured or survivors; the people who have been hurt deserve their own representation, too.

For more information about your potential FELA claim, contact a FELA law firm today.