If You Are Hurt Then Make a Full Report of Injury and Talk to a Lawyer

Video Transcript

When you get hurt on the job, working for the railroad, it is ultra important that you fill out a report of injury; and don't be bashful. You know, if somebody caused your accident, make sure and put it down. If there was a faulty piece of equipment, make sure and put it down, because believe you me, once you make a report of injury, the railroad is going to do everything they can to build a case against you. And it's important to get legal representation early. Now, you're probably saying, “Well, he's a lawyer, of course he's going to say that,??? but I mean it. I mean, it would be great if you hired us; but you don't have to hire us. You have to hire somebody because you need somebody on your side because the claims adjusters are constantly out there, taking statements from coworkers; and you need somebody doing the same thing for you. They're taking photos. Then if you don't hire a lawyer, time goes by, perhaps you can't get the photos. It's essential that you at least talk to a lawyer. At Gordon & Elias, all you have to do is dial 1-800-773-6770. I don't care if it's – 24 hours a day, the phone is answered; and you get to talk to a lawyer about your case – and that's no obligation, of course; but at least you'll know your rights.