You Do Have a Choice From Selecting a Union Designated Legal Counsel 

Video Transcript

If you work for the railroad, you're probably in a union; and if you're in a union, I can assure you that that union has union designated lawyers. Now, they are lawyers that the heads of the union have selected to be the counsel for that union, and they practice FELA law. Well, guess what? We practice FELA law and we're not union designated. We tried to become union designated, and we got rejected; but it's not like they looked at us and said, “Oh, well, you're not good lawyers." They didn't even give us a chance to look at us; and the reason is, is because we don't play ball the way they like to play ball. All we wanted to do was work hard for the person, you know, all we wanted to do was to work hard for the person and get a good result. So, you know, it's important that you not be misled and say this is a union designated lawyer and he's better than Gordon & Elias. That's not the case. We'll let you talk to any one of our people that we've represented who are in unions, and they are extremely happy with our results. In fact, we believe that our law firm is probably the best law firm in the country because you are not just a number to us. Designated lawyers, when you're hurt, they get to call you up. We don't get to call you up. We have to wait for you to call us. And so we don't have tons and tons and tons of cases; we've just got select few cases. We just have select few cases, and that's why, you know, it's personal to us. So, in my opinion – in my opinion, I flat out would not hire a union designated lawyer. You don't have to hire us. There's lots of law firms that do FELA work that are not union designated; but this union designated stuff is kind of a game, and we just don't want to play ball like that.