Michigan FELA Lawyers

As one of the central Midwestern rail hubs, Michigan is home to several dozen rail companies. Due to their significant presence in the state, Michigan rail companies play a key role in the economy, employing many residents. Rail occupations can be dangerous and come with a higher risk of serious injury and even death.

FELA allows injured rail workers who do not fall under their employer’s worker’s compensation insurance to recoup their losses from their employer. A qualified attorney experienced in transportation and rail law may be able to help injured employees get compensation for injuries and losses incurred while on the job.

Common Railroad Injuries

Many rail occupations carry a significant risk of injury, often because of the repetitive nature of the positions. Lifting heavy cargo or baggage, turning and pulling levers all day, and other recurring duties lead to injuries from strains and sprains to serious injuries to the brain, limbs, and spine. These injuries can prevent employees from returning to work and earning a living while they recuperate. This can lead to devastating financial losses, particularly if the employee does not qualify for their company’s worker’s compensation insurance program.

Rail Companies in Michigan

The following freight rail companies operate in Michigan:

  • Ann Arbor Railroad
  • Canadian Pacific Railway
  • CSX Transportation
  • Detroit Connecting Railroad
  • Escanaba and Lake Superior Railroad
  • Grand Elk Railroad
  • Grand Rapids Eastern Railroad
  • Great Lakes Central Railroad
  • Huron and Eastern Railway
  • Lake State Railway
  • Lake Superior and Ishperning Railroad
  • Michigan Shore Railroad
  • Michigan Southern Railroad
  • Norfolk Southern Railway
  • West Michigan Railroad

Several passenger carriers operate in Michigan including:

  • Amtrak
  • Coopersville and Marne Railway
  • Sandy Ridge and Clear Lake Railway

Get Help From a FELA Lawyer
If you or someone you know has been injured while working for the railroad industry, it is in your best interest to discuss your circumstances with a FELA lawyer rather than just settling. To schedule a consultation with a FELA lawyer, contact our law offices today.