New York FELA Attorneys

Home to one of the most famous trains in the world — the New York City subway — New York is also home to many other rail companies. As a hub for trains traveling to and from the Northeastern part of the United States, New York is a key destination for cargo and passenger trains alike.

Rail Companies in New York

Several railroad companies serve New York. They include:

  • Albany Port Railroad
  • Arcade and Attica Railroad
  • Buffalo and Pittsburgh Railroad
  • Buffalo Southern Railroad
  • Central New York Railroad
  • Depew, Lancaster and Western Railroad
  • Finger Lakes Railway
  • Livonia, Avon and Lakeville Railroad
  • Middletown and New Jersey Railroad
  • New York and Atlantic Railway
  • New York and Lake Erie Railroad
  • New York and Ogdensburg Railway
  • New York, Susquehanna and Western Railway
  • Norfolk Southern Railroad
  • Ontario Central Railroad
  • Rochester and Southern Railroad
  • South Buffalo Railway
  • Western New York and Pennsylvania Railroad

Passenger carriers include:

  • Amtrak
  • Buffalo Metro Rail
  • Catskill Mountain Railroad
  • Cooperstown and Charlotte Valley Railroad
  • Long Island Railroad
  • New York City Subway
  • Staten Island Railway
  • Metro-North Railroad

FELA Lawyers in New York

FELA is legislation that entitles an injured employee to seek compensation from their employer, even when the employee cannot file a claim under their employer's worker's compensation insurance.

Due to the dangerous nature of railroad occupations, injuries that occur on the job are often serious and may lead to permanent disability or death. On top of the physical pain and long-term disabilities, injured employees may have to deal with the burden of crippling medical bills in addition to their regular expenses. If the injury prevents the employee from working, paying these bills can seem impossible.

An experienced FELA attorney may be able to get you the compensation you deserve from your employer. For information about a potential FELA claim, contact our New York FELA law attorneys today. We have the experience, the knowledge and the resources necessary to help you and your family recover from this difficult time.