Former Railroad Worker’s Widow Awarded $19M

August 13, 2007

The widow of a previous railroad worker was awarded $19 million in a settlement that was reached in a New Jersey court last week.

The lawsuit was filed after her husband passed away from an illness contracted from working on the transit system.

Lawsuit Filed

Roger Fuccilli was employed as a railroad car repairman for New Jersey transit for 18 years.

The suit filed by his wife, Catherine, claims that while he was a New Jersey Transit employee, he was exposed to hazardous materials that caused him to contract pulmonary fibrosis in 2000.

Transit System Employee

While Fuccilli was employed for the transit system, he reportedly engaged in welding, sanding, painting, and repairing brakes.

During the time he was performing these duties he is said to have inhaled asbestos, metal dust, and welding fumes.

Settlement Reached

Fuccilli died from pulmonary fibrosis in 2002 and during the last two years of his life had to be out on oxygen supply.

The jury awarded his widow and their children $4.1 million for the pain and suffering Roger endured and $15.1 million for his wrongful death.

(Source: Press Releases)

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