Former CSX Employee Files FELA Claim

CSX Transportation, Inc. appealed a decision made by a judge that granted a former employee a judgment of $125,000. The case was filed by plaintiff John X. Begley under the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA). Begley claimed that he suffered cumulative trauma to his knees and hips during the time he worked for the railroad company.

Begley was employed by CSX from 1970 to 1998. He worked as a brakeman/conductor, during which time his job required him to jump from slow moving trains to course gravel that ran along side the tracks, perform some duties (known as mounts and dismounts) and then jump on board the train again. According to the claim, the repetitive stress to his knees and hips resulted in the degenerative condition, osteoarthritis.

The claim states that the railroad company allegedly neglected to provide the plaintiff with safe work conditions. It also claims that Begley’s condition was caused by the cumulative trauma he was required to face while employed by CSX Transportation, Inc. Begley was diagnosed with the condition by a family doctor, who allegedly said it was work related. While the defense argued that the injury was not caused by the practices at the job, but instead from natural causes, the jury found CSX to be partially to blame.

The judgment was for $125,000 in favor of Begley.

(Source: Legal, Inc.)

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