Railroad Employees Seek Compensation for Cumulative Trauma to the Spine

Cumulative trauma injury lawsuits involving whole body vibration to the spine are mounting as more railroad employees are linking their injuries to their jobs. Whole body vibration, one of the newest areas of cumulative trauma claims, is among the leading cause of injuries among railroad employees.

Whole body vibration refers to mechanical energy vibrations transferred from the seats or platforms in the train. Over a period of time, the constant vibration wears on the body and can cause debilitating injuries to the neck and spine, ankles and feet, hips and knees, elbows and wrists, and back and shoulders.

Railroad Worker Seeks Compensation for Cumulative Spine Trauma

Among plaintiffs seeking compensation for their injuries is James Castleberry, Jr., a Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company employee who claims he sustained cumulative trauma to his neck and spine while working for the railroad companies.

Castleberry filed suit in Madison County Circuit Court, March 30, seeking compensation for his pain and suffering, medical costs (including surgery), mental anguish, anxiety and lost wages.

According to the lawsuit, Castleberry began working for BNSF in 1973, and worked in several positions that ultimately led to his injuries. For instance, he is arguing that he sustained injuries while working as an engineer because of the awkward positions he had to work in while operating machinery.

Railroad Employee Claims BSFN’s Negligence Led to Injuries

According to the suit, BSFN is at fault for negligence, including:

  • Failure to provide safe work conditions for employees
  • Failure to provide safe equipment and work methods
  • Failure to test employees for cumulative trauma

Ultimately, attorneys fighting on Castleberry’s behalf are fighting to prove that BSFN is at fault for not warning him of the potential repetitive injuries and for exposing him to cumulative trauma over the course of his employment. Castleberry seeks compensation exceeding $100,000.

Source: The Madison St. Clair Record

Cumulative Injury Lawsuits Are Not Uncommon

FELA lawyers across the nation are investigating similar claims against railroad companies on behalf of thousands of railroad employees who claim to have suffered cumulative trauma after years of working in the industry.

Railroad employees are at grave risk of developing cumulative injuries from whole body vibration. There are many aspects of a railroad worker’s job that may lead to whole body vibration injuries, including:

  • Sitting or standing on trains for extended periods of time
  • Lifting heavy objects over and over
  • Being positioned in awkward postures to operate machinery

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