Railway Worker Sues for Injury and Slander

September 4, 2007

A former railroad worker has filed a suit against the previous boss he worked for at the Kansas City Southern Railroad.

According to the suit, the man complained about a back injury while working and his boss told him that his complaints were untrue and uncalled for.

The man is now suing his boss for personal injury and for the slanderous comments that were made in front of his fellow employees.

Allegations Made by Railroad Worker

Michael Scott Smith claims he hurt his back while using a bar to open the door of the rail car.

When he told his supervisor, Gary Adcock about his injury, the man reportedly laughed at him and scorned him in front of the other employees.

Smith filed the suit against KCS Railway for not properly maintaining their cars and he filed suit against Adcock for slander.

Injuries Caused on Transit System

Smith was reportedly diagnosed with lumbar strain with sciatica, amongst the other injuries he sustained from the incident.

According to court documents, Smith also suffered from emotional distress when Adcock called him a "liar" and put him down repeatedly in front of the other workers.

"This was done in front of several of Smith's co-workers, injuring his relationships with them.as well as damaging his personal and professional reputation," states the petition.

Smith is suing for loss of earning capacity, emotional distress and medical expenses.

(Source: Southeast Texas Record)

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