Man Loses Leg in Train Accident

A 35-year-old Dayton, Tennessee, man lost his leg in a train accident Thursday, April 26. Found early Thursday morning by police, Adam Wes Moreland said that the last thing he remembers was that he was having trouble sleeping and went for a walk.

Moreland called 911 for help, according to Lt. Jeff Hill of the Dayton Police Department.

The victim is suspected of having a seizure because his wife said he had a history of seizures, plus he remembers nothing besides having trouble sleeping, then walking.

He was found lying on the east side of the tracks between the crossings at Iowa Avenue and Illinois Avenue. The southbound Norfolk-Southern train amputated one of his legs and seriously injured the other, said Hill. It too might need to be amputated, according to the Chattanooga Times Free Press.

Hill said, "We're thinking maybe that's what happened, that maybe he had a seizure and was laying on the side of the tracks and had his legs up on the tracks." Hill said Moreland's position may have saved his life. The victim was lying with his head pointed down the hill so the blood rushed to his heart and brain.

The accident occurred a little before 2:13 a.m. LifeForce air ambulance took him to Erlanger hospital in Chattanooga for treatment.

One of Moreland's neighbors on Railroad Street, Bobbie Davis, told WRCB, "Only thing I heard was a big ole boom, like the train was trying to stop."


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