Trackman Claims Harm at Work in Suit

February 13, 2007

A former employee of Norfolk Southern Railway recently filed a suit claiming that he became the victim of injuries due to the work conditions.

The plaintiff claims that the many years he spent working for the company subjected him to repetitive stress injuries.

Norfolk Accused

Jeff Kelly is accusing Norfolk of failing to provide him with a safe environment to work in during his employment.

He also claims that the railway failed to provide him with safe tools and equipment to work with.

Plaintiff Suffers Injuries

In the suit, Kelly states that as a result of his former employer’s negligence, he has suffered severe and permanent injuries.

Kelly’s knees have reportedly caused him pain and anguish and as a result he has suffered from a loss of wages and incurred medical expenses.

In the suit, Kelly is seeking damages in excess of $50,000 plus the costs of legal fees.

(Source: The Madison St. Clair Record)

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