Union Pacific Sued for Work-Related Injuries

January 20, 2006

Another suit has been filed under the Federal Employers' Liability Act against the Union Pacific Railroad for injuries accrued through years of intense railroad work. Kenneth Bradshaw, a former Union Pacific Railroad employee claims that he now suffers a permanent and debilitating knee condition after his 43 years of work as a switchman, conductor and engineer for the company.

The former employee, represented by attorney William Gavin, is seeking damages in the amount of $150,000, alleging that in his time working for Union Pacific Railroad, he was exposed to repeated bodily stress, ballast surfaces, and poor working conditions that were responsible for his injuries suffered.

According to the plaintiff, his injuries will cause him indefinite pain, anxiety and disability which are the liability now of Union Pacific for failure to protect employees from adverse working conditions.

Union Pacific Railroad is the largest railroad company in the United States spanning across 23 states, equivalent to 2/3 rd s of the country. Annually, the railroad employs over 48 thousand people, spending as estimated $3.3 billion on the yearly payroll.

The company is primarily used to transport freight.

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