Union Pacific Railroad Worker Files FELA Lawsuit

Former railroad worker seeks compensation from Union Pacific Railroad for repetitive stress injuries he claims he suffered while working as a welder for the company. The Madison St. Clair Record reports that Jeffrey W. Stevens filed a FELA lawsuit April 9, 2010, with the Madison County Circuit Court. The lawsuit alleges permanent, debilitating injuries to the plaintiff’s neck, spine and body.

The FELA lawsuit filed on behalf of the injured railroad worker says Union Pacific should be held accountable for the long-term cumulative injuries suffered by Stevens, arguing the company acted negligently by failing to provide the welder with safe tools and equipment, failing to warn him of the potential dangers, and failing to protect his safety.

Under FELA, railroad companies are responsible for maintaining a safe environment for their employees. If a company is negligent in any way, injured railroad workers will have a legal claim.

Stevens is seeking compensation for his physical pain, emotional suffering, medical bills and more. He is seeking more than $50,000 in total damages.

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