Railroad Companies face Whole Body Vibration Lawsuits

Whole body vibration seems to be causing long-term injuries to railroad workers. Whole body vibration is one of the newest types of cumulative trauma claims filed by railroad employees.

Whole Body Vibration Lawsuits

In cumulative trauma lawsuits that involve whole body vibration, plaintiffs are seeking compensation for injuries they’ve received as a result of the constant vibrations their bodies have experienced while working for the railroad industry.

Such vibrations are allegedly transferred from mechanical seats and train platforms. The types of railway injuries being alleged in cumulative trauma lawsuits involve damage to the spine, neck, ankles, feet, hip, knees, back, shoulders, elbows and wrist.

Damages from Whole Body Vibration

Railroad workers who claim injuries from whole body vibration seek compensation for damages including medical bills, including surgery and long-term treatment when necessary; pain and suffering; anxiety and other emotional disorders; lost wages and loss of earning capacity.

FELA lawyers bringing cumulative trauma lawsuits against railroad companies on behalf of injured workers are blaming the injuries on negligence.

Claims argue that railroad companies are engaging in negligent behavior such as failing to provide railroad workers with a safe work environment, failing to provide railroad workers with safe work methods, and failing to test employees for cumulative injuries.

People working in the railroad industry might be at risk of suffering cumulative trauma injuries to the neck, spine and other parts of the body. Railroad workers should be aware of the potential risks and should seek medical help if they start to experience symptoms such as unexplained body aches, dizziness, pain in the joints, headaches, stiffness in the neck, chronic weakness or loss of range of motion in the joints.

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