Man Sues for Former Work Injury

September 17, 2007

A previous employee of the Providence & Worcester Railroad Co. recently filed a suit against the company for an injury he endured while he was employed.

The man claims he was injured while working three years ago and is still suffering from his injuries.

The complaint was filed last week in the federal district court.

The Complaint

Dennis J. Madore filed the suit, which was backed by the Federal Employers' Liability Act.

Madore claims he was struck by a hammer while working in the company's engine room and blames the company's lack of protection and safety for their workers for his injuries.

Madore Still Deals With Injuries

Madore claims that as a result of his injury, he became sick and sore.

He also says he steals deals with a great deal of pain throughout his body from the impact of the hammer when the incident occurred.

Madore has reportedly been incapable of working since the accident and "will continue to be so incapacitated in the future," says the suit.

The suit doesn't specify what sort of compensation Madore seeks through the suit.

(Source: Worcester Business Journal)

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