Former Railroad Employee Files Asbestos Suit

August 20, 2007

A former yardman has filed a FELA complaint against Illinois Central Railroad (ICR) and Union Pacific Railroad Company.

The man claims he was wrongfully exposed to asbestos while employed at the companies.

Lawsuit Filed

Elmer Grissom claims he was exposed to asbestos while he worked for the ICR from 1962 to 1985.

In 2004, Grissom was diagnosed with asbestosis and in 2007 with lung cancer.

He claims that during his employment, he was required to breathe harmful chemicals, and carcinogens such as asbestos.

The suit states that the company failed to supply safe methods for work and reasonably safe equipment.

Grissom also claims they failed to warn their workers of the dangers of working around harmful chemicals like asbestos.

Consequences of Asbestos Exposure

Grissom says he has endured pain, suffering, and annoyance as a result of his illnesses and blames his former employers for his anguish.

He also says he has been forced to have numerous tests, lung surgery, and has lost the ability to engage in his daily activities because of his sickness.

(Source: Madison County Record)

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