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Situated in the Midwest of the United States, Ohio is a central hub for railways. Tracks criss-cross the state loaded with cargo or people, traversing the country from one coast to the other. Railroads play a key role in the health and vitality of the state of Ohio. Rail careers can be dangerous, leading to debilitating injuries or death. FELA helps employees who are not covered by their employer’s workers compensation insurance recover the compensation they deserve.

Rail Companies in Ohio

Many rail companies operate out of Ohio. Some common freight carriers include:

  • Akron Barberton Cluster Railway
  • Ashland Railway
  • Carey Short Line
  • Cleveland Commercial Railroad
  • Cleveland Works Railway
  • Mahoning Valley Railway
  • Northern Ohio and Western Railway
  • Ohio Central Railroad
  • Ohio Southern Railroad
  • Wheeling and Lake Erie Railway
  • Youngstown and Austintown Railroad
  • Youngstown Belt Railroad

Several passenger carriers run through the state of Ohio as well including:

  • Amtrak
  • Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad
  • Lebanon Mason Monroe Railroad
  • Toledo, Lake Erie and Western Railway
  • RTA Rapid Transit

Common Rail Accidents

Though accidents can happen regardless of your occupation, some occupations carry a higher risk of injury. Due to the nature of rail occupations, they have a higher risk of injury than many other careers. Engineers, conductors and baggage/cargo handlers often deal with repetition in the daily tasks, whether it’s pulling levers, pushing buttons or loading/unloading heavy cargo.

In addition to repetitive stress injuries, railroad workers are at risk of sustaining serious, potentially fatal injuries in collisions with other trains or from accidents caused by defects in equipment. The physical, emotional and financial consequences of a railroad accident can be devastating.

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If you’ve been injured while working as a railroad employee, you should know that you do have rights and help is available. To consult with a qualified and experienced Ohio FELA lawyer about your circumstances, contact a FELA law professional in New York today.