Back Injuries

There are a remarkable number of things that can go wrong with a back which is not surprising, given the number of working parts. Just about every job in a railroad marshalling yard, in repair shops and even in the operation of a train has taxing physical requirements. Railroad employees may feel comfortable with an assigned task, only to suffer a back injury due to worn, rusted or improperly positioned equipment.

In some cases a worker may dismiss a back injury as a temporary strain of some sort: in the case of a railroad injury that is a mistake. A back is a complicated mix of muscle, cartilage and bone; an injury to one area can permanently impact the balance of all those components. A back injury on a railroad job should have immediate attention, whether it was incurred during the regular course of tasks or when the employee has been given a one-time assignment.

Legal Pressure from the Claims' Agents

Some injuries are fairly straightforward, such as with hands and arms. That is not the case with a back injury, which can often become a permanent fixture with chronic, recurring pain. In the railroad industry, railroad employers in CSX, BNSF, Norfolk Southern, Union Pacific and all other railroads, have spent a ton of money to build in a system that intimidates railroad employess from reporting their injuries. They make promises of future advancement, guaranteed jobs and, in some cases, even try to get you to lie and say that you were not injured at work. They do this while also building a case against you with statements and photos and even destruction of key evidence. If you have a back injury, and you do not know what to do, call us. We will immediately have an orthopedist order an MRI of your back and, if you have a herniation, will protect you. If you do not have a herniation, then no one ever needs to know that you sought our legal advice! Without you knowing, the railroads’ lawyers are immediately told of your event and that is why you need experienced FELA lawyers like Gordon & Elias, L.L.P.

Legal Options for the Injured Railroad Employee

The Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA) provides the option for an injured railroad employee to seek compensation for employer negligence on the job site. Employees in other industries are limited to the benefits of workers’ compensation. A railroad employee with an injured back should seek treatment and let the physician decide what treatment is called for and whether future precautions are necessary.

An attorney experienced with FELA law can protect an injured employee’s right to a thorough medical analysis of the injury. FELA attorneys also understand the unique requirements of the law for compensating injured employees. It is critical that a back injury be allowed to heal and heal thoroughly; make sure that you are able to do so on your terms. Contact a FELA attorney today about protecting your right to proper treatment and your right to compensation for a back injury incurred on a railroad job site.

At Gordon & Elias, L.L.P. we are a law firm that practices FELA railroad injury law nationwide. It is not designated by any specific Union and that is just fine with them. Their goal is to provide excellent representation; only utilize Board Certified Physicians in the medical treatment of their clients; get statements from witnesses and photographs as soon as hired; advance funds, interest free and where ethically permitted, to their clients so they can pay their bills while off of work; and, most importantly, treat their clients like family and with the respect, honor and dignity that they deserve. Call 800-773-6770 to speak to a REAL FELA attorney.