Physical Injuries

A FELA injury is an injury incurred by a railroad worker while on the job. Because of the vast amount of dangers that railroad workers are exposed to on a daily basis, there are several ways in which a FELA injury can occur. No matter how minor or severe the injury may seem when it first happens, it is crucial for the injured worker to contact an experienced FELA attorney to see if he/she qualifies to recover compensation for losses.

FELA Injury Cases

FELA injury cases are personal injury lawsuits in which railroad workers seek compensation following work-related injuries.

What is FELA?

FELA, formally known as the Federal Employers Liability Act, is a law that entitles railroad employees to monetary compensation, should:

  • They be injured on the job (Injuries can include, but aren't limited to, fractures, loss of limb, disfigurement, etc.)
  • The negligence or recklessness of an employer, co-worker or equipment manufacturer cause or contribute to the injury sustained.

In most cases, FELA settlements offer higher awards than traditional workers' compensation laws, as occupations in the railroad industry are inherently more dangerous than jobs in other fields. As a result, it's crucial that injured railroad employees meet with experienced FELA lawyers (once their health is stable) before filing a workers' compensation claim.

Types of FELA Injuries

FELA Injury Settlements

The first step in reaching a FELA injury settlement is meeting with a FELA attorney for a free initial consultation, during which injured railroad workers can:

  • Learn more about their legal rights.
  • Find out if they are eligible for compensation via FELA.
  • Learn more about the process associated with winning settlements for their injuries and losses.
  • Get expert advice regarding the best manner in which to pursue their FELA claim (based on their individual needs and unique circumstances).
  • Secure aggressive, professional representation for future legal proceedings.

FELA Lawsuits: Compensation for Damages

FELA attorneys help injured railroad workers seek and recover compensation for their physical, emotional and financial losses, such as:

  • costly hospital bills
  • ongoing treatment costs
  • lost wages, inability to work
  • permanent disabilities
  • future costs of living (should permanent disability prevent them from earning a living)
  • emotional pain and suffering
  • funeral and burial costs is cases involving death
  • lost ability to engage in normal everyday social activities

Have you or a loved one been injured while working in the railroad industry? If so, contact an experienced FELA lawyer who will evaluate your claim and help you recover the compensation you need and deserve.