Shoulder Injuries

Extending and stressing the shoulder’s range of motion in order to lift or maneuver a heavy object into place can cause instant damage to tendons, ligaments or the rotator cuff. While it may simply feel like a sore shoulder muscle, there are a lot of shoulder injuries that cannot heal themselves. There are also lots of opportunities for railroad workers to develop shoulder problems; many have occurred to workers who are simply throwing manual switches that won’t function properly due to neglect.

Working with coupling and uncoupling levers, with hydraulic or steam lines, manipulating handbrakes – these and many other tasks can lead to shoulder injuries. A surprising number of worksite injuries are caused by the unexpected movement of equipment, whether it’s a locomotive, a rail car, a piece of railway repair equipment or simply a tool that someone else is using and drops.

FELA Protection for Railroad Workers

The dangerous nature of railroad work and the neglect of working conditions by the railroads were highlighted by the passage of the Federal Employers Liability Act in 1908. In an era when progressive legislation to support workers was rare, the government deemed in necessary to pass a law stating that railway workers can sue their employers for damages stemming from a work-related injury.

FELA cases have passed through the courts for the past one hundred years. The railroads long ago developed action plans to handle potential liability cases from employees. For that reason, any railroad employee who has suffered a shoulder injury should see a physician immediately.

Building a FELA Case

The railroads have as many attorneys as they have safety supervisors in their annual budgets. If your shoulder injury occurred during an accident on the job, make notes about all potential witnesses, the conditions in your work area at the time and the relative safety of the requested task. Many people with shoulder pain assume that “it will be better tomorrow.? That is not a wise approach to a railroad shoulder injury—it’s a delicate joint and there’s a lot that can go wrong.

Shortly after filing an injury report with the railroad, you should also seek out an attorney. You may be eligible to recover compensation for your losses by filing a FELA lawsuit. At Gordon & Elias, L.L.P. we are a law firm that practices FELA railroad injury law nationwide. It is not designated by any specific Union and that is just fine with them. Their goal is to provide excellent representation; only utilize Board Certified Physicians in the medical treatment of their clients; get statements from witnesses and photographs as soon as hired; advance funds, interest free and where ethically permitted, to their clients so they can pay their bills while off of work; and, most importantly, treat their clients like family and with the respect, honor and dignity that they deserve. Call 800-773-6770 to speak to a REAL FELA attorney.