Norfolk Railroad & FELA Lawsuits

As one of nine Class I railroads in the U.S., Norfolk Southern Railway is headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia and operates in 22 eastern states, including Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Virginia.

As with other major U.S. railroads, Norfolk Southern Railway was formed after a number of smaller railroad companies (including Southern Railway, Norfolk and Western and Conrail) merged. Currently, coal and various other forms of intermodal commerce are the primary types of cargo transported by this railroad line.

While Norfolk Southern Railway significantly stimulates the economies of many eastern U.S. states, however, it also exposes its workers to some unique dangers – which increase the chances they will be severely injured or killed while working.

Heavy cargo loads, equipment malfunctions and exposure to toxins can all endanger Norfolk Railroad workers on the job.

Norfolk Railroad Workers Protected by FELA

To compensate for such compounded risks, the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA) specifically protects railroad workers and entitles them to sizable compensation, should they be injured on the job. Injured Norfolk railroad workers (or families whose loved one was killed while working for the railroad company) can learn more about their legal rights by meeting with a Gordon & Elias, L.L.P. FELA attorney.

At Gordon & Elias, L.L.P., we provide all of our initial consultations free of charge and will determine how we can help you before taking on your case.

Railroad Dangers & Common Norfolk Railway Accidents

According to the Federal Railroad Administration Office of Safety Analysis, from January to March 2009, nearly 2,500 railroad accidents occurred in the U.S. These accidents resulted in 150 deaths and over 1,600 injuries.

Among the most common types of Norfolk Railroad accidents are railroad car collisions and derailments, human error and defects in either the tracks, signal or equipment.

Given the weight and speed of trains, as well as their cargo, it's not surprising that many railroad injuries are serious and, oftentimes, permanently disabling. Some of the most common railway injuries affecting Norfolk employees include (but aren't limited to):

  • back and neck injuries
  • burns, electrocutions
  • crushing injuries, fractures
  • loss of limbs, disfigurement
  • permanent disabilities
  • shoulder, knee or other joint injuries
  • traumatic brain/ head injuries

In many cases, Norfolk workers will require long-term care (if not lifelong treatments) after sustaining such injuries.

How Norfolk Railroad Accident Attorneys Can Help the Injured

At Gordon & Elias, L.L.P., our FELA railroad attorneys have been representing injured railroad workers for years. We have seen the trauma that results from railroad accidents and have devoted much of our practice to helping families recover from such devastation. Whether you need one-time emergency surgery or life-long treatments, medical expenses for railroad injuries can add up quickly. We, at Gordon & Elias, L.L.P. can help you obtain the money you need to get the highest level of treatment to ensure the maximum quality of life following your accident.

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