The Soo Line Railroad & FELA Cases

As the primary U.S. subsidiary of the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR), the Soo Line Railroad is a Class I railroad system that runs throughout North Dakota, Illinois and Michigan. The Soo Line Railroad has been serving the Northern mid-West for nearly five decades and most of its equipment is painted with the CPR logo, a beaver and the CP initials.

The term Soo represents the phonetic spelling of “Sault” and was used to name the railway line for the town of Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan.

Dangerous Railroad Conditions

The Soo Line Railroad (like any other railroad company) has had its share of accidents. If you or a loved one has been injured (or a loved one has been killed) while working for the Soo Line Railroad or any other railroad company, you will likely be entitled to a settlement for your injuries and losses. Injured parties can learn more about their legal rights and entitlements by attending a free initial consultation with a highly trained Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA) lawyer at Gordon & Elias.

What is FELA?

FELA is a century-old statute that legally empowers injured railroad workers to collect settlements for injuries that they:

  • Have sustained on the job
  • Can prove were caused or worsened by the negligence or recklessness of a co-worker, employer or equipment manufacturer

Incidence of Railroad Accidents, Injuries & Deaths

Following are statistics compiled by the Federal Railroad Administration Office of Safety from January to July 2009:

  • There were 6,010 train accidents that resulted in 404 fatalities and 4,158 injuries.
  • Both human errors and track defects are the leading cause of train accidents, with each causing more than 33 percent of these incidences.
  • While nearly 7 percent of railroad accidents involved passenger cars, 531 passengers were injured in the course of these events. Only 2 passengers died following train accidents.
  • Reports show that 2,427 railroad employees were injured in these accidents, and 12 were killed.

When to Consult with a FELA Attorney

Following a train accident, the most important thing will be to receive the necessary emergency medical attention to prevent further injuries and, in the worst cases, death. Once your health is stable you should contact our offices and schedule a free initial consultation with a seasoned FELA lawyer.

To determine whether you have a FELA case, our attorneys will thoroughly evaluate the unique facts of your accidents and will work with medical experts and other specialists to prove your claim and help you recover a settlement that covers your medical bills, lost wages, physical disfigurement and more.

Find out if you have claim. Contact a FELA lawyer at Gordon & Elias today.