Back Injuries

When railroad workers suffer back injuries while performing job duties, it can have a significantly negative impact on their overall well being. When unsafe working conditions or defective tools and equipment cause, in whole or part, back injuries to workers in the railroad industry, their employers can be held liable for their damages. When railroad company negligence contributes to worker's back injuries, the employee has the legal right to seek relief under federal law.

The federal law which allows for this method of compensation for railroad back injuries is known as the FELA, or Federal Employers Liability Act. The FELA was enacted by US Congress in 1908 when lawmakers officially recognized the potential dangers inherent to railroad work. The FELA provides railroad employees a means to seek significant injury loss compensation for themselves and their families.

The FELA does more than just protect workers from losses related to back injuries, other injuries, and illnesses. By allowing civil lawsuits to be brought against negligent employers, it encourages railroad companies to enact and enforce tougher safety policies, thereby making railroad work conditions safer for employees. The FELA states that railroad companies have a duty to provide proper and safe tools and equipment at all times. Railroad companies are also responsible for providing sufficient employee training, supervision, and assistance so as to mitigate the risks of railroad work.

In general railroad companies must provide a safe work environment for their employees. When railroad employers fail to meet these standards and workers suffer back injuries or other debilitating pain conditions, they can be held liable for their employee's suffering. Most back injuries from railroad work are preventable when proper safety measures are taken by railroad employers.

Back injuries from railroad work related events can involve single incidents of trauma, or back injuries can develop slowly over years or decades of railroad work. Defective equipment and tools can lead to back injuries. Excessive stresses put on the back due to improper lifting techniques, repetitive movements, or unsafe work tasks can also lead to back injuries in the railroad industry.

The most serious back injuries suffered by railroad employees are spinal cord injuries that can lead to permanent disability and even death. There are many sources of railroad employer negligence that can contribute to these types of back injuries.

Those who have been employed in the railroad industry and have suffered back injuries should have medical tests performed by a doctor familiar with railroad-related back injuries. This professional can help to establish the source and possible causes of your pain. A legal professional who specializes in FELA lawsuits will be able to evaluate a worker's case to determine if their back injuries are attributable to employer negligence. If you wish to learn more about railroad related back injuries, you may wish to contact an attorney who can determine your legal rights and options in a FELA case.

Please contact a FELA attorney for more information and to learn your legal rights.

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