Chemical Solvent

In May 2001, a Louisville, Kentucky newspaper (the Courier-Journal) reported that unsafe handling of chemical solvents used to clean locomotives was responsible for poisoning hundreds, and possibly thousand s of railroad workers across the nation. Due to the chemical solvent exposure, the newspaper reported that doctors had made estimates that over 600 railroad workers had developed mild to severe brain damage in the previous 15 years because of their occupational risks. Over the years, railroad companies have paid tens of millions of dollars to settle chemical solvent cases brought by many workers who had long-term exposure to the common degreasing solvents.

Railroad companies have continued to deny any link between chemical solvent exposure and brain damage . It is estimated that many more workers have been affected by chemical solvent exposure but are not accounted for due to underreporting and misdiagnosis . Some workers have alleged suffered chronic toxic encephalopathy, a debilitating illness characterized by short-term memory loss, depression, anxiety and diminished mental function as a result of exposure to chemical solvents because of negligent working conditions.

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