Disfigurement is a potential outcome of many accidents, and hundreds of railroad workers have suffered disfigurement on the job. Disfigurement can be defined as "damaged appearance," whether from an accident on or off the job, a birth defect or a disease. A person's face could be disfigured, but other body parts can also suffer disfigurement, for example by scars, lacerations, permanent skin disorders, bone fractures that don't heal completely, cancer after-effects and more.

How Does Disfigurement Occur among Railroad Workers?

Disfigurement can be the outcome of an accident while working on a railroad, such as:

  • an explosion
  • a fire
  • a slip and fall from a train, platform or ladder
  • being hit by an object or vehicle
  • being crushed by a heavy object

But disfigurement in a railroad employee may also be the result of:

  • repetitive motion that disfigures part of the body (e.g., hands, knees, back)
  • exposure to toxins such as industrial solvents, vehicle exhaust, asbestos, gasoline fumes
  • treatment for an injury; e.g., skin pigmentation changes and scars from surgery

Options for Individuals Suffering from Disfigurement

When an individual experiences disfigurement, his or her first concern may be the underlying injury, but the repercussions of being disfigured must be dealt with too. In many cases, plastic surgery can lessen or eliminate the disfigurement, but in other cases, there is nothing more that medical technology can accomplish.

Living with disfigurement can be very difficult emotionally, as a challenge to a person's self-image and self esteem. If an individual's disfigurement is severe, he or she may have trouble securing a job or keeping prior employment.

What Can I Do about My Disfigurement?

If you are a railroad employee and you are suffering from disfigurement that may have been caused by the negligence of someone else, you should learn more about your legal options. You can arrange a no-cost, no-obligation discussion of your circumstances with a qualified and experienced FELA (Federal Employers Liability Act) attorney.

Find out if you are eligible for compensation for matters such as medical bills, lost income, and emotional suffering by scheduling a free case review with a FELA lawyer today.

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