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Vermont is home to several freight and passenger carriers that carry goods, cargo and people around the state to points in New England and beyond. Freight carriers

  • Canadian National Railway
  • Green Mountain Railroad
  • Montreal, Maine and Atlantic Railway
  • New England Central Railroad
  • St. Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad
  • Vermont Railway

Passenger carriers include Amtrak and Green Mountain Railroad.

Common Rail Injuries

Railroad companies employ many workers in Vermont. Rail careers come with a variety danger that can cause permanent injuries or diseases. Whether a worker is lifting heavy cargo or exposed to hazardous materials, he or she may be in danger of serious injury. For serious injuries, treatment can entail physical therapy, pain therapy or invasive procedures to heal the worker.

Some physical injuries are so crippling that they make it virtually impossible for the employee to work in their field again. Since they are unable to work, there is limited to no money coming in and medical bills pile up.

Congress passed the Federal Employment Liability Act (FELA) in the early 1900s to protect railroad employees when injured. Through FELA, injured workers will be able to seek compensation for the damages incurred. The process is confusing, however. So, in order for a railroad employee to recover the full amount of compensation owed to him or her by law, he or she should consult with an experienced attorney who understands the laws governing FELA.

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