Whole Body Vibration

Also known as cumulative trauma injuries or repetitive trauma injuries, whole body vibration (WBV) refers to the mechanical energy vibrations transferred via seats or platforms in trains, trucks or industrial vehicles. In basic English, it is a constant wear and tear of the body. Over time, WBV can result in severe injuries to the:

While railroad employees are susceptible to the damage of whole body vibrations by simply sitting on trains year after year, other tasks of their jobs – such as lifting or being positioned in an awkward posture – can significantly increase the risk of sustaining WBV injuries. In addition engineers that have performed continued coupling over years and years are prone to experiencing spinal injuries.

If you are a railroad employee who has been diagnosed with a WBV injury, the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA) may entitle you to compensation for your injuries and losses. For a thorough evaluation of your case, contact the experienced FELA attorneys at Gordon & Elias, L.L.P. today.

Types of WBV Injuries

Given that whole body vibrations can affect many major parts of the body, these injuries vary greatly and may include:

  • Joint injuries: bursitis or tendonitis in the body's major joints (shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees or hips)
  • Neck injuries: stingers or muscle spasms
  • Spinal injuries: degenerated or herniated discs
  • Repetitive stress injuries: carpal or ulnar tunnel syndrome

Railroad engineers, as well as other railroad employees who sit or stand for extended periods of time aboard locomotives, tend to have the highest risk of developing WBV injuries.

When to Seek Help

Symptoms of these conditions may include (but aren't limited to) chronic:

  • body aches
  • dizziness
  • burning or tingling sensation in the joints
  • headaches
  • impaired range of motion and/or dexterity
  • neck stiffness
  • pain in the affected area that intensifies with increased activity
  • weakness

Railroad workers who start to develop any combination of the above symptoms should seek immediate medical attention for a proper diagnosis. Should a whole body vibration injury be diagnosed, it's essential to:

  • Pursue all necessary treatments to prevent further health damage
  • Consult with a FELA lawyer to find out if (s)he is entitled to compensation via FELA

FELA Lawsuits for WBV Injuries

Over the years, FELA attorneys have recovered millions of dollars in settlements for victims of WBV injuries. Railroad companies regularly cited as defendants in WBV FELA cases include:

  • Amtrak
  • BNSF Railway
  • Canadian Pacific
  • CSX
  • Kansas City Southern
  • Metro-North
  • Union Pacific

Are you or a loved one a railroad employee who has been diagnosed with a WBV injury?

If so, contact a FELA lawyer at Gordon & Elias, L.L.P. today who will thoroughly evaluate your case and help you seek the compensation you are entitled to.